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Urinetown...the Musical, Not the Place

After making the decision to move to Philly, I have the craziest turn of events! A text from my dear friend Melinda Lafferty wth Phantom Theatre Company in Harrisburg, PA. She asked me to direct and choreograph their Winter Musical which is...wait for it.....wait for it...


My first Main Stage production for my undergrad at Northwestern State University was Urinetown, directed by Scott Burrell and choreographed by Leah Reese. I remember the teachings and memories of that experience fondly-from drawing on chest hair with a permanent marker and being told "to take the suck out of it". I grew immensely as a character and ensemble actor-and more passionate about a strong ensemble that started with the foundations I learned in that experience. With all the hoopla of climate change, going green, and this country's upcoming presidential election, I am honored to work on this amazing project and work with recycling companies around Harrisburg to produce URINETOWN.

Check out Phantom Theatre Company's website for more information.


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