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Ryan Hazelbaker Night Cap Club

The Night Cap Club

The Night Cap Club was workshopped at Thingamajig Theatre Company in Novemeber of 2015.  Ryan Hazelbaker took four weeks to create the script and made many  edits after hearing it at the first reading.  From there the ensemble and Hazelbaker melded their research, brains, and talent to create what is now The Night Cap Club.  The ensemble included James Scott, Taylor Marrs, Samuel René Damare, Heather McCall, Jaclyn Juola, Melissa Cheffers, and Audrey Layne Crocker as Judy.  


The story of The Night Cap Club takes place in the midst of Ms. Garland's second public breakdown.  After being fired from her contract at MGM for Annie Get Your Gun, As she races away from the press, she stumbles upon a late night piano lounge called The Night Cap.  As she drinks her night away, she is visited by the ghosts of her MGM past and present.  Together they show Judy her way back to what truly matters most in life.  Sometimes you have to look at yourself to see the change you so most desire.  


The Night Cap Club is still being workshopped.  Click                 to contact Ryan Hazelbaker for additonal information or the future of The Night Cap Club.  

c series

a ballet.  in 5 parts.  

  before the planets and stars, even before creation there was


created, choreographed, and directed by Ryan Hazelbaker 

part 2
                           nova: a modern ballet

We find...or more accuratley we hear Nova, a mother moon who's searching for a purpose.  She serenades the void which in return  rewards her with two beautiful sons, Orion and Aries.  The brothers grow into completely different energies and eventually battle for their mother's sole affection.  Things are turned upside down for the brothers when Rena, a fallen moon shoots out of the void.  Nova must now balance the duty of young motherhood while navigating the different personalities and moments with each of her children.  But can one suppress jealousy?  What if your desire to love leads to the desire to hate?  

Can one's actions truly impact the rest of the future?  

nova: a modern ballet was presented at Thingamajig Theatre Company January 20th and January 27th.  The company comprised of Samuel René Damare' as Orion, Taylor Marrs as Aries, Michaela Winter as Rena and Heather McCall as Nova and also comprised all the original music for the peice.  Hazelbaker worked on using McCall's piano recordings as the base of the tonality for nova and eventually found a reversed song sound for the character Aries.   The dancing company worked with Hazelbaker  over a four week period to create nova.  

part 4


                                           universUS:  a modern ballet

We find Cosmos .  Curious to follow the voice inside his head, the Cosmos searches the universe to find a planet home to beauiftul spirit, Nature.  They begin a curious journey through love and the the two share the first true love to exist in the universe.  The feelings  for each other change the course of all that is to come.  


universUS:  a modern ballet was presented at Thingamajig Theatre Company on January 18, 2015.  The company of universUS:  Sam René Damare' as Cosmos, Jaclyn Juola as Nature, Steven E. Sitzman as Pan.  Sitzman also acted as composer and created all the original music in the performance.   






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