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Somewhere Over the Rainbow

We did it! We created, wrote, rehearsed, and opened a completely brand spankin' new musical entitled The Night Cap Club. I spent the past 6 months conceiving and structuring the story line for this musical about the infamous Judy Garland. The show was a huge success and the reaction was incredibly supportive. Working on re-writes for a potential second run of the musical. This darker musical explores the lives of the MGM Golden Greats and their influence on Judy Garland in her time of depression. Through friends and positive reflecting-Judy realizes what she needs to do to move forward in her downward spiral that became her life. I couldn't be more proud of the production and can't wait to see where it goes and how it changes. Gotta love original theatre!!!!

In honor of the success of "The Night Cap Club", I am adding a page to my site dedicated to the original works that I have come up with thus far in my career. Click the picture to see the works.

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