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more than a super nova

I am sitting here in my final rehearsal for my second original ballet entitled nova: a modern ballet and I am stunned at the story telling and movement plot of this piece. I spent 4 months creating the story and outlining the moments I wanted to express. I started with creating my own folk lore. I came up with "The Moon and Her Two Sons". From there I drew inspiration from the Cane and Abel story from the Bible and thus nova was born. I spent 2 weeks with the Composer, Heather McCall (Check our the link to her site on my CONTACT/LINKS page) and I couldn't be happier. I found a new artistic partner in Heather and the music she created was amazing. We decided to keep all her original music and then reversed some of the songs on Garageband, added some layers, and thus the music was born for nova. Bring in the cast for 2 weeks of rehearsal and we put up this spectacular piece of art ourselves!

I am so proud of my ensemble: Heather McCall as Nova, Samuel René Damaré as Orion, Taylor Marrs as Aries, and Michaela Winter as Rena. Working with these 4 artists has been a huge dream and I can't wait to create with them again.

The thing about creation is that there are no rules set in place until you start creating. You must start and explore the rules of the universe that you have birthed. That is the most fun for me as a young creator. I am pulled to tell a different side to well known stories. Ever since seeing WICKED on Broadway-my life changed. I literally kept thinking of all the "one sided" stories that I have been taught and told. How much history is actually just the winner's recollection on the matter. I wanted to bring a justice to the world of truth. That is my main mission in 2016. To be the investigator and detective of truth for the most well known stories out there.

Check out my ORIGINAL WORKS page for more information on nova: a modern ballet.

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