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To Urinetown...And Beyond!

The closing of Urinetown, the Musical was an incredible experience. We spent countless hours creating a fully realized, 3 dimensional world. I wanted to take the idea of a water scarce world and flip that concept fully on it's head. I started to think, "hmm...if water is scarce here, what else would have to be rationed too?" I came up with the concept to make the set and costumes out of recyclable goods. Taking trash and making treasure, if you will. The set was made out of donated cardboard boxes ranging from refrigerator boxes to pizza boxes. I then hired in Nanette Cheffers from Thingamajig Theatre Company in Pagosa Springs. Nanette and I have worked on a handful of projects together over the past three years and this seemed like a DREAM project for us to work on. Even from across the country, Nanette didn't waste one moment of creativity on these costumes. She obtained an old leather sofa and that became connecting thread for the entire poor ensemble's costumes. Plastic bags, chip bags, shower curtains, chicken. wire, old belts, cigarette boxes, and even soda pop tops were used to create the costumes for the poor ensemble. Even the famous Jill Spears painted the rubber ducks on the shower curtain robe we used for Old Ma Strong. Here are some photos from our production.

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